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New technology comes with a promise. Almost 20 years ago, from a small garage in Michigan, we set out to fulfill that promise: to become a hosting provider that empowers clients to create and grow the businesses they want.

Now, from our Southfield, Michigan headquarters, we hold data centres around the world that offer the best in terms of performance, reliability, and control.

By embracing complexity, providing stability, and working with our clients, partners, and team members, we’ve managed to create innovations that have changed the face of web hosting support and management forever.

Experience the promise of technology with Nexcess.
Together we can do it better.

The Eight Core Values of Nexcess

Beyond Service

You are always #1.

Beyond Ideas

We create, innovate,
and repeat.

Beyond Fear

We grow from trying
new things.

Beyond Alert

We're protective and vigilant.

Beyond Convenience

We believe in going far past above & beyond.

Beyond Business as Usual

We find a better way
of doing things.

Beyond Us

Together we can create something better.

Beyond a Job

Learn. Build. Grow.

Data Centres

Choose from one of eight global data centres.

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The Team

Meet our support team, the Enterprise Support Group, and more.

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