Meet Your Team

We wouldn’t be where we are today without an incredible team behind everything we do. Meet the expert teams you’ll be interacting with throughout your Nexcess experience.


You’ll find Support at the heart of Nexcess, where eighteen years of innovation and development has led to one of the best teams in the industry. Available 24/7 by phone, email, and our ticketing system, Support provides the hosting experience you’ve always been promised.


Here to maintain and safeguard the mission critical environments that underlie your hosting infrastructure. Come rain or shine, Facilities can be found keeping a watchful eye on the Nexcess campus.

Data Center Operations

Essential for running our own data center, and crucial for reliable operations. Data Center Operations installs, maintains, and monitors your hosting infrastructure 24/7/365.

System Operations

Our application-optimized environments wouldn’t be possible without the secure foundations laid by the System Operations team. Persistently developing and improving, System Operations is one of the reasons Nexcess continues to offer clients an experience that realizes the promise of technology.

Network Operations

Connectivity surrounds and links all data center hardware and software. Network operations creates, innovates, and maintains network integrity for our clients on all internal and external systems. It’s because of them that Nexcess clients have one of the fastest, most secure, and most reliable infrastructure available.

Development Operations

Responsible for the continual improvement of the Nexcess experience. Development Operations builds on the foundations created by our other teams to provide an experience that goes beyond hosting.

Sales & Marketing

Likely your first point of contact with Nexcess. Sales & Marketing understands the complex requirements of growing businesses and how to help them get the most out of their hosting.

Project Management & Technical Writing

The motivational force behind every innovation realized at Nexcess. The Project Management & Technical Writing team takes ideas and turns them into reality.

Human Resources & Administration

Providing you with the best hosting experience possible means recruiting the best. Human Resources & Administration is responsible for hiring a team that does hosting better; a team that goes beyond.

Billing & Accounting

Here to manage the financial complexities of a global company. Billing & Accounting drives the Nexcess experience by providing every department with the tools they need so you can experience the promise of hosting.