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Craft CMS Hosting

Craft makes it easy. Nexcess makes it fast.

A few years ago, we kept hearing the same thing:

"We want to run a successful content site and love Craft, but just don't have the budget, time, or experience to make it perform on a competitive level."

Nexcess brings a faster experience to Craft CMS like never before with a custom, performance-driven platform.

Global Content Delivery

Ease server load and increase SEO.

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Free Site Migration

Our highly trained staff can move your website regardless of your former host’s control panel or account access.

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Get Clustered!

Big stores need big performance muscle.

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CMS 100

Shared Hosting

Annually $ 16.81 (AUD)/MO or Monthly

  • Dell Enterprise Server
  • 10 GB Disk Space RAID-10
  • Memcached Back-end
  • 150 GB/mo Bandwidth*
  • 9 Secondary Domains
  • 30 Accounts per Server
  • E-mail Hosting Included

CMS 200

Shared Hosting

Annually $ 59.00 (AUD)/MO or Monthly

  • Dell Enterprise Server
  • 30 GB Disk Space RAID-10
  • 50 GB/mo CDN Data Traffic
  • Memcached Back-end
  • 300 GB/mo Bandwidth*
  • 24 Secondary Domains
  • 13 Accounts per Server
  • E-mail Hosting Included
150 GB CDN

CMS 300

Shared Hosting

Annually $ 199.64 (AUD)/MO or Monthly

  • Dell Enterprise Server
  • 70 GB Disk Space RAID-10
  • 150 GB/mo CDN Data Traffic
  • Memcached Back-end
  • 750 GB/mo Bandwidth*
  • 49 Secondary Domains
  • 4 Accounts per Server
  • E-mail Hosting Included
** Additional Bandwidth billed @$0.50 (USD) /GB.
Development site creation billed @ $25 per site.

Craft CMS Server Environment

Dell Enterprise Server
Dual Intel Xeon Processors
4 x 300GB 15K SAS drives in RAID 10 configuration
SAS Raid Controller
Hardware Battery-backed with 256MB write Cache
Secured, regularly updated X86 64bit CentOS Linux
Software Firewall
APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) tuned for security and speed
Fully burstable 100BaseTX, redundant Internet connections
Enterprise Level Cisco Catalyst 6500 series

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Aran S. / Vancouver, BC

"I love, I truly do!"

Mike Z. / West Hills, CA


Jeff R. / Bellevue, WA
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